It looks like the Taliban’s peculiar penchant for guyliner has had a knock on effect among the troops in Afghanistan.

In spite of staunch Islamic beliefs about grooming and dress, many barbers throughout Afghanistan have started offering a bit of brow threading for US troops. One perfectly-arched solider tells the Wall Street Journal that it was an honest ‘miscommunication’ that landed him with a pair of Joan Crawford’s brows rather than a military approved buzz cut.

Private First Class Richard Guillemette has since been back for regularly reshaping, openly bending the 2007 grooming regulation that stipulates “excessive plucking or removal of eyebrows is not authorised, except for medical reasons.” And why the hell not? The base is now rife with rumours of waxing and the shaving of arms and legs (so the soldiers can show of their inked limbs, naturally).

Those who don’t have to endure the wrath of a hyper-masculine bushy-browed Lieutenant  can get a legal and a totally-okay-not-weird-at-all bit of threading at Browhaus. Otherwise just embrace the monobrow, gents.

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