The founding of NASA in 1958 spawned the Golden Age of Futurism, an era of intense creativity that has echoes in today’s high-tech world. The  very idea of travelling into deep space encouraged an entire generation to think in terms of driverless cars and robots, wristwatch computers and hover boards – concepts that are a reality in 2017.

But for skincare pioneers, it has been a relatively small leap from cosmology to cosmetics. Rather than seek out alien life or explore dark matter, grooming giant Lab Series decided to spend its budget harnessing the anti-ageing potential of meteorites in its latest line of moisturisers for men. Both The Dual Concentrate and The Singular Cream from the new Maxellence collection feature meteorite extracts sourced from the core of achondrite asteroids.

Thousands of tonnes of silica-rich meteorites fall to Earth each year but, by the time they get here, they are mostly dust sized particles – the remnants of a shooting star that has managed to pierce our planet’s atmosphere. The extract is rich in salts like magnesium and calcium which, in addition to their inherent novelty factor, makes them an ideal choice for a skincare potion.

Unsurprisingly, the lack of clinical evidence for meteorites hasn’t stopped other brands from bottling the stuff (and why not, we’re all, like, made of the same stardust, man). The Celestial Melting Gel by Foreo (to be used with the equally space age-y LUNA cleansing device) includes meteorite extracts, as does Skin-Absolute from Filorgia.

Equally galactic but considerably more Earth-like in its contents are the products from 111Skin, a company whose proprietary NAC Y² formula (n-acetyl cysteine – the stuff found in cough medicines –  Vitamin C and Escin) was test driven by astronauts in ‘extreme space conditions’.

It turns out that an absence of gravity coupled with extreme radiation causes astronauts to age at an accelerated rate. So, in addition to exploring the dimensions of our cosmos and pondering our place in the universe, those wishing to explore deep space will need a seriously good moisturiser like the 111Skin’s Space Anti Age Day Cream or, perhaps, the Space Defence Bright Eye Gel.

MAXELLENCE The Dual Concentrate by Lab Series, 130 for 50ml;

MAXELLENCE The Singular Cream by Lab Series, £105  for 50ml;

Space Anti-Age Day Cream by 111Skin, £150 for  50ml;

Luna 2 For Men by Foreo, £169;

Night Cleanser by Foreo, £30 for 100ml;

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