In my latest contribution to Mr Porter, I unpack the most common age-related obstacles for men from bone degeneration and crows feet to follicular mutiny.  Click here for the full article or on the image above and discover five guaranteed ways to look and feel younger for longer.

Women are schooled in the art of stalling time. Given their delicate features and thinner skin, they’re well aware that signs of wear and tear invariably show up earlier for them than they do for men. Our biological points of difference – thicker, oilier skin and a more resilient body – mean that many lucky men enjoy an ageless grace period that lasts up until our thirties.

But that doesn’t mean we’re exempt from some rather disheartening physiological quirks as we get older. When time catches up with us – and it will – it can sometimes feel and look as though two decades’ worth of damage has hit us all at once.

Much of this is due to falling testosterone levels, which decline at a rate of about one per cent a year. Without testosterone, body fat increases while muscle mass, energy levels and, of course, libido all take a nosedive, culminating in a period of life that has been cruelly dubbed the manopause.

While there’s little point trying to deny or dodge the inevitable, there are ways of weathering the passage of time so that the journey is smoother (and generally more pleasant to observe). Here, we offer some surefire solutions for the most common age-related woes.

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