For the ill-prepared, summer’s joy is swiftly scuppered by the very things that make it so enjoyable. Overstaying your welcome in the heat will turn dewy skin greasy and beachy hair frizzy. UV exposure will toast skin rather than tan it and the increase in humidity is likely to destroy the underarms of your freshly pressed cotton-poplin shirt sooner than you can say “hyperhidrosis”. In short, summer is a vengeful beast. There is sweating, chaffing, chapping, burning, itching and stinging. And let’s not forget the stink.

To save you a summer buzzkill, I’ve compiled five  foolproof hacks to get you through the season looking your best.

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The boom in male grooming has revolutionised the way in which men perceive themselves, but it has not come without its fair share of casualties. There are, of course, the extremists – most Major League Soccer players, many Premier League footballers and the entire male cast of Jersey Shore – who are, for the most part, a lost cause. And then there are the gents who unwittingly take a wrong turn on the road to self-improvement and somehow find themselves bolt upright in bed at three in the morning panicking about the amount of gluten in their eye cream.

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How to Manscape Like  A Pro

It is alleged that John Ruskin, the eminent 19th century art critic, had become so conditioned by pube-less sculptures that the sight of his wife’s lady garden rendered him unable to perform on their wedding night. If you possess an unusual amount of disdain for residual fur  – especially your own – and have ever wondered how to shave (or wax or, indeed laser) your undercarriage, then my latest contribution to Mr Porter on the highs and lows of manscaping might be what you’re looking for. Click here or on the image above for the full story. I think my journalism career might have just peaked.

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As the health and beauty industries start to merge, it’s no surprise that skincare now comes in pill form. Formally known as ‘nutricosmetics’, these pills and potions play on the idea of beauty from within. Anti-ageing drinks such as Gold Collagen, Fountain and Pure HA have taken the UK by storm.

As part of the ‘Skincare & Dermatology’ report in today’s edition of The Times, I explore the gut-skin connection, the nutricosmetics market and question whether supplementing has any effect on the skin at all.  You can read the full article online here.

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Come December ‘how to cure your hangover’ features are par for the course. My latest contribution to Mr Porter goes above and beyond the usual advice, citing everything from cosmetic quick fixes to pre-tox cocktails that will make your liver invincible. Click here for the full article or read an excerpt below.

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Mr Albert Einstein’s most famous theory posited that time is a relative concept, a phenomenon that depends entirely on the perspective of the observer. Time flies when we’re on holiday, but it crawls to a snail’s pace when we’re faced with the task of filing expenses. Ageing, too, is little more than an expression of our personal relationship (psychological, physiological, emotional) with a ticking clock.

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On demand services, you may have noticed, are a hot trend in the app world. In an age of instant gratification, we can get anything from a chauffeur to a Chinese meal with little more than couple of swipes. Enter PRIV, an app that brings masseurs, stylists, personal trainers and beauty therapists right to your doorstep / deskside. An ideal solution for the time poor and / or infinitely lazy, the on-demand app (an abbreviation of the word ‘privileged’) sources the best wellness professionals in the business, and allows you to book them by their bio, ratings or availability. The app is currently operating in New York, Los Angeles and now London.

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Edgy is not a word we often associate with dopp kits. But this expandable wash bag in brushed black cow hide with block cotton twill lining, gunmetal hardware and RiRi zips (the snag-free kind found on Hermès bags) is the handiwork of The Transience, an uber hip New York brand that temporarily operated out of a pop-up premises (natch) in the Bowery (double natch) earlier this year. Founder Sarah Clarkson applies her knowledge of industrial design to the collection of travel accessories, which seamlessly transform shape and size. The basic collection of travel bags and accessories can be customized as per customers wishes. Also look out for mid-season colourways (seafoam green, pony…) that come in a limited run of 50.

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The pre-treatment consultation with Louka Leppard is little more than a courtesy. By the time we have paused for a much-needed breather – after no less than two hours of intensive massage – this relative stranger already knows me intimately. Not just at a physical level but, it would appear, at the very core of my being. The body, after all, can express for us the very things that we find difficult to verbalise in our day-to-day lives.

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Ab Sculpting products often sound too good to be true. And that’s because they are. While it’s unlikely that any topical product will magically transform a wobbly beer gut into a rippling six pack overnight, one has to wonder what impact – if any – these concoctions have.

Formulations to date have depended on tightening the skin around the midsection rather than targeting the actual fat that conceals those shy abdominal muscles. By stretching the skin, any underlying muscle might become more noticeable depending on the lighting / day of the week / your workout plan.  Most brands achieve this tautening effect by way of standard ingredients like caffeine, creatine and soya protein.

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