Ab Sculpting products often sound too good to be true. And that’s because they are. While it’s unlikely that any topical product will magically transform a wobbly beer gut into a rippling six pack overnight, one has to wonder what impact – if any – these concoctions have.

Formulations to date have depended on tightening the skin around the midsection rather than targeting the actual fat that conceals those shy abdominal muscles. By stretching the skin, any underlying muscle might become more noticeable depending on the lighting / day of the week / your workout plan.  Most brands achieve this tautening effect by way of standard ingredients like caffeine, creatine and soya protein.

NuBo’s new 6-Pack Treatment (set for release next month) was therefore treated with due scepticism when a preview sample of the shiny chrome-effect bottle arrived on our desk. On closer inspection it turned out this product worked in a completely different way to everything else on the market. It’s essentially a thermogenic formula, which means it speeds up the metabolism in order to help burn fat. Moreover, tried-and-tested ingredients like Bitter Orange and Guarana (found in some of the more effective slimming supplements out there) trigger lipolysis, the body’s innate ability to release fat stored in cells. More familiar firming and toning ingredients are in the mix too, making this a multi-pronged solution for stubborn fat.

NuBo’s new 6-pack Treatment isn’t an invitation to clear out the pie shop, but it will certainly help turbo charge an existing workout or diet plan. Best of all it’s NuBo’s most affordable product to date, priced at £59 for 120ml.

Available exclusively from Harrods Gentleman’s Lounge and www.nubobeauty.com


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